What is kalevalainen jäsenkorjaus?

Kalevala bone setting is a traditional Finnish, manually administered form of therapy. When the whole body is treated, bone setting increases mobility, relaxes muscles and invigorates the function of various tissues, metabolic system and nerves.

A bonesetter looks at the postural anomalies as the source of problems in the body. The aim of the bone setting treatment is to balance the structures of the musculoskeletal system. The imbalance can be felt and shown as functional muscular differences between the left and right halves of the body as well as tissue changes.

Kalevala bonesetting is a gentle, pain-free method which respects the natural limits of the body. The balancing is done by mobilising tissues and exploiting the natural ranges of muscular and joint motion. During the treatment, the entire musculoskeletal system, from the soles of the feet to the base of the skull, is manipulated.

Muscular tension, tissue pressure and pain tell the bonesetter a lot about the source of the problem, and this helps him or her to target the treatment to the entire area causing the problems, not just the painful spot. The treatment always starts with an interview with the customer where the bonesetter tries to find out the background of the current musculoskeletal status. Often the problems can date back several years.

The effect and uniqueness of Kalevala bone setting has been proved by a number of scientific studies. The method has achieved good results in the following conditions:

• leg length discrepancy

• malposition of various joints, such as the ankle and knee

• plantar fasciitis

• frozen hip

• scoliosis

• sciatica and similar conditions

• frozen shoulder

• thoracic outlet syndrome

• tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome

• positional vertigo, migraine and various headaches

• babies' colicky pains

• children's growing pains

Kalevala bone setting and Kalevala bonesetter are EU-protected professional titles. Every Kalevala bonesetter has passed three-year-long studies and final exams organised by Kansanlääkintäseura. Kalevala bonesetters continuously maintain and develop their skills by attending updating training courses.

One treatment session for adults takes about 90 minutes. You may book your appointment by phone 0503553765 or by mail tmikatajanoksa@gmail.com.

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Kalevala bone setting treatment

adults 105 €

teenagers (11-17 yrs) 75 €

children (0-10 yrs) 50 €

The prices include VAT 24 %.


Kalevala bonesetter Heidi Pekkala

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